Corporate Law

Corporate Law

The ups and downs of business depend as much entrepreneural know-how as on legal protection within a commercial context.
Contrary to civil law, specific legal regulations apply to business owners and their commercial activities.

The multiple commercial forms involve a multitude of legal questions – from the retailer to public trading companies to joint-stock corporations.

I. Retailers
Prior to commencing commercial activities, specific questions need to be addressed:

  • Business Plan and Financing
  • Questions regarding corporate registration
  • Legal structuring of business relationships
  • Settlement of rights and liabilities in trade

Upon commencing commercial activity:

  • How can business transactions be protected by contract
  • What specifics are to be taken into account with other businesses and representatives
  • Adhering to trade regulations and practices

II. Publicly traded corporations
Prior to commencing commercial activities, the following is to be considered:

  • Choosing the suitable commercial form
  • Contractual bindings to shareholders

Upon commencing with business activities:

  • How is the company philosophy to be carried out within the corporation
  • How can conflict among shareholders be mediated?
  • What is to be considered in handling employees
  • How are economic hardships to be handled?

The following questions are to be considered in relation to disgruntled partners:

  • Separation/resignation of a partner
  • Dissolution of the corporation
  • The settlement of company assets (incl. any debts)

Our Lawyer in Commercial and Corporate Law is Michael Loewer.

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