Immigration Law

Immigration Law

In Immigration Law cases, the advice of a specialist is often indispensible. The legal regulations and administrative requirements are at times vague, subject to constant changes and can be partially dependent on the country of origin. Of significance is the discretion of the local authorities. Furthermore, EU regulations and legal decisions of the EU courts are continually gaining meaning.

We advise and represent you in all questions that concern individuals without a German passport.

Residency Law

Work Permit


Criminal Law

      • Illegal entry
      • Illegal residence
      • Violation of regional residency limitations
      • Fictitious marriage
      • Smuggling of foreigners

Detention prior to deportation

The outcome usually depends on entering the right motion at the right time, for which you need the advice of a specialist!

In Immigration Law our licensed specialists (Fachanwälte) in Immigration Law Sven Hasse und Marten Kaspar will consult and represent you.

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