Asylum and Refugee Status

Asylum and Refugee Status

When you apply for asylum, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) checks whether

  • you are granted international protection (refugee status or subsidiary protection)
  • you have a right to asylum according to the German Constitution (Art. 16a Grundgesetz)
  • there must be ordered a ban on deportation.

There are many reasons for refusal of asylum applications:

  • Germany may not be responsible for the asylum procedure according to the Dublin III Regulation
  • Another “safe” country has already been granted a residence status
  • Lack of danger in the country of origin
  • Your persecution story is not believed.

Even after a protection status has been granted in Germany, it can be withdrawn, for example because circumstances in the home country have changed.

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In this area our Specialist (Fachanwalt) in Immigration Law Marten Kaspar will assist you.

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