Residence Title for Employment

Residence Titel for Employment

If you do not qualify for an EU Blue Card you can get a residence title for employment in the following cases:

Residence Titel with vocational education

A residence title under Art. 18 Immigration Act can be issued

  • if you have an academic degree or a two a year vocational training,
  • if the degree or vocational training is comparable to a German certificate,
  • if you have a job offer in this field.

You can find out which authority is responsible to recognize your vocational training at To speed up the visa process the employee can get in contact to the Labour Authorities beforehand.

Residence Permit for Employment without Vocational Training

As citizen of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino and USA you can apply for a residence title for employment without proofing a professional education (§ 26 Abs. 1 Beschäftigungsverordung). In this case an individual examination of the labour marked by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit is required. As citizen of the mentioned countries you can file the application to the immigration office during your (legal) stay in Germany.

As citizen of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Kosovo, Mazedonia, Montenegro and Serbien you can apply for a visa for employment without proof of a professional training (§ 26 Abs. 2 Beschäftigungsverordnung), if you

  • have a a concrete job offer,
  • apply at the Gemran mission in your country,
  • there is a shortage of workers for this position (“Vorrangprüfung”) by Bundesagentur für Arbeit,
  • have not received social welfare during your stay in Germany within the last two years.

If you do not have one of the mentioned citizenships you cannot get a residence title for employment without proofing a recognized vocational training.

Residence title for Required Adaptive Measures

You can get a residence title for 18 months for further professional training or exams if
an authority which is responsible for evaluating your professional education states
that adaptive measures are required to recognize your eduction (§ 16d AufenthG).

Residence Title for Vocational Training

You can get a visa or residence permit for a Dual Vocational Training if there is a shortage of workers for this education (Vorrangprüfung), § 16a AufenthG. It is required that the living costs are covered by the salary or a formal obligation of a third person.

The German missions and immigration offices have discretion if a residence title for employment can be grant.  They might take your age and language skills into account .

Our expert in this field is Specialist Lawyer for Immigration Law Sven Hasse.

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