Sven Hasse

Rechtsanwalt Sven Hasse
Licensed Specialist Attorney for Immigration Law
Licensed Specialist Attorney for Administrative Law

Rechtsanwalt Sven Hasse



1970 Born in Dortmund
1990 University Entrance Diploma in Dortmund (D)
1992 – 1997 Academic Studies in Law at the Universities in Trier (D), Sevilla (E) and Freiburg (D)
1997 First State Examination in Law in Freiburg (D)
1998 – 2000 Legal Clerkship in Berlin (D) and Barcelona (E)
Key Course Element: Administrative Law
Training Segments: German Consulate in Barcelona, Commissioner for Integration and Migration in Berlin (D), Lawyers with Specialization in Migration Law
2000 Second State Examination in Law in Berlin (D)
2000 Accreditation as Attorney at Law
2008 Accreditation as Specialist Attorney for Administrative Law (Fachanwalt für Verwaltungsrecht)
2017 Accreditation as Specialist Attorney for Immigration Law (Fachanwalt für Migrationsrecht)
  • German Lawyers Society
  • Bar Association of Berlin
  • Founder and Licencee of “” (Database for Immigration Lawyers)
  • Member of the Network “Immigration Law” of the German Lawyers Society
  • Member of the Board of Sonntags-Club e.V.

Consultations in: German and English
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