Freedom of Movement for EU-Citizens

Freedom of Movement for EU-Citizens

Every citizen of the European Union has the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the member states. Generally every citizen of the Union is free to enter, reside, work, offer or receive services in Germany.

A residence or work permit is not necessary for EU-citizens. There are no restrictions for self-employment. The citizen just has to announce at the registry office that he settles down in Germany.

This right can be lost, if the foreign office declares that the foreigner has lost the freedom of movement. This can be the case, if he endangers the public order, security or health. A non-working EU-citizen has the right to reside in Germany, if he has sufficient means of subsistence and health insurance or legal residence since five years.

Relatives have the right to reside in Germany also, even if they do not have the citizenship of a member state, if the EU-citizen has the right of free movement. Relatives are children and parents of the EU-Citizen. Older children and parents may need to be supported by the EU-citizen financially.

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