EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a residence title for high qualified workers.

The EU Blue Card (“BlueCard”) offers foreign skilled workers the opportunity to obtain a residence permit with a work permit.

Since 18.11.2023, the following requirements apply to obtain a Blue Card:

1. you need one of the following qualifications:

    • a German, recognized or comparable foreign university degree,
    • you are an IT specialist with 3 years of professional experience or
    • you have a recognized tertiary educational qualification equivalent to the German degrees as Meister, Techniker, Fachwirt


2. you have a concrete job offer

for a job appropriate to your degree with a gross salary of 45,300 euros per year (2024).

A reduced salary limit of 41,042 euros (2024) applies to

  • natural scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors or IT specialists and
  • persons who obtained their last university degree, relevant for the job position less than three years ago.
    The Federal Employment Agency must approve the granting of a Blue Card in accordance with the lowered salary limit. The Agency checks whether the salary is appropriate for the concerte job.

Find out more about other changes for skilled workers immigration in the podcast “Germany in focus” with an interview with our immigration lawyer Sven Hasse, (from minute 5:45):

Even if you do not reach the income limit for an EU Blue Card, you have the possibility to obtain a residence permit as skilled worker with a recognized university degree or vocational training.

The recognition of a higher academic qualification can be evaluated on the ANABIN database. If you can not find your degree there you should apply for an individual examination.

The visa application for an EU Blue Card can be made at the German missions abroad. If you have legal residence status and receive a job offer after entering Germany that qualifies for an EU Blue Card, the Blue Card can be issued by the local immigration authority.

The EU Blue Card will be issued for four years, max for the duration of your job contract plus 3 months.

For Blue Card holders, a change of job no longer requires the approval of the immigration authority. However, the immigration authority can suspend the change of job during the first 12 months of employment for 30 days and reject it within this period if the requirements of the EU Blue Card are no longer met at the new job.

As holder of an EU Blue Card you qualify for an indefinite settlement permit after 33 months if you have language skills on level A1. If you can proof language skills on level B1 you can apply for a settlement permit after 21 months.

As Spouse and minor child of a Blue Card Holder you have the right to get a residence permit as family member with working allowance even if you cannot proof language or professional skills.

From March 1, 2024, spouses of Blue Card holders can obtain a settlement permit after just 3 years if they themselves are employed for at least 20 hours per week.

Our expert in this field is Specialist Lawyer for Immigration Law Sven Hasse.

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