Family Law

Family Law

According to statistics, every third marriage ends in divorce. The consequences are often grave and not simply emotional. Separation, division of assets, sustenance and handling child custody: those affected have many questions and without legal advice one is quickly ill-advised.

Family law incorporates all issues from marital to extramarital civil partnerships

Common issues include:

Marriage and civil partnerships

  • Cohabitation without marriage license
  • Marriage license or license per civil union laws – what can be regulated and what not?
  • Liabilities for the spouse or civil partner
  • Separation, divorce and resulting consequences
  • Compensation for the increase in value
  • Fiscal consequences

Alimony and Assets

  • Alimony entitlements between the parties
  • Adjustment of pension rights
  • Adjustment of material gains
  • Division of household effects
  • Marital home

Children born in and out of wedlock

  • Child support issues
  • Parental custody, child-parent law and child custody
  • Right of access
  • Adoption law

In divorce and separation, it is common to seek legal information and advice because the process can have decisive consequences for life following and cannot always be handled alone.

In the case of divorce there exists a so-called ‚‘statutory requirement to legal representation’ which means that a divorce petition must be prepared and entered by an attorney. For low-income persons, assistance with legal fees can be applied for. Related information can be found on our page for Fees.

Above and beyond this, family law concerns a series of legal areas that are often multi-faceted and complex. This includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Pension, Patients Decree and power of attorney in case of incapacity
  • guardianship of persons of full age in case of mental or physical incapacity
  • child abduction
  • domestic abuse

Our lawyer for Family Law is Gudrun Noack.

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