Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Insurance coverage is now available for almost all possible types of risk (or perils). Commercial entities as well as private persons have at least one if not many insurance policies with the hope that the insured situation will never occur and a claim against the insurance will never have to be made.

When however the insured risk occurs, this hope turns to an uncomplicated regulation of the claim through the insurance.

At this juncture countless issues can arise that require legal consultation and support because you will be dealing with insurance experts.

The potential problems are multifaceted:

  • The effective closure of an insurance policy agreement
  • Allegations of omission of duty
  • The appropriate and correct appraisal of the extent of damages (i.e. through surveys conducted by technical or medical appraisers and adjusters)
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Questions regarding effective policy termination

These are determined by specific distinctions within the individual insurance parties and policy arrangements.

We are particularly active in the following areas:

  • Private disability insurance (i.e. occupational disability for civil servants)
  • private health insurance
  • daily allowance insurance during illness
  • personal accident insurance
  • property insurance (Home-Owners, Renters and Fire Insurance)

Inquiries related to Motor Vehicle insurance (collision/liability) most often arise in connection with a traffic accident and are therefore assigned to traffic law.

Our Lawyer in Insurance Law is Gudrun Noack.

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