Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The accused has the right at any time to consult a legal attorney! (§ 137 StPO)

The following particularly true in criminal law: Only he who knows litigation procedures can correctly defend himself. The earlier you consult an attorney, the better you can avoid errors that later could seriously hinder your case. Should a lawyer not be available in a specific situation (i.e. directly following an arrest), we strongly advise that you use your right to deny comment on the charges brought against you! Any rash statement can be used against you at a later time.

Upon reviewing the case and any incriminating or exonerating evidence of the investigation, our lawyer can discuss litigation tactics with you in depth and possibly a plausible statement can be made or appeals can be entered. For example, in case of a meeting with the public prosecutor, the defendant can have his or her case dismissed upon payment of a monetary fine or the case can be closed without trial by penalty order.

If the case comes to a primary hearing, the outcome significantly depends on making a statement or remaining silent at the right moment, entering applicable evidence, identifying irregularities in witness statements as well as correctly estimating the legal position.

In addition to sentences that require monetary or imprisonment penalties, the following possible consequences must also be considered:

  • Can the drivers license be revoked?
  • Will the conviction be entered on a criminal record?
  • Can personal property be seized?
  • What are the consequences of a conviction on current parole?
  • Can the conviction result in deportation?
  • Is there the possibility of further civil service disciplinary action?

Only he who knows his rights and the psychology of criminal courts can craft his defense accordingly.

The accused has the right at any time to consult a legal attorney! Make use of your rights!

Our Lawyer in Criminal Law is Gudrun Noack.

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